Nobuya Sugawa Bach

Nobuya Sugawa — Bach Sequence

Nobuya Sugawa talks to Sax Magazine about his latest album, the award-winning Bach Sequence, on which he plays his own arrangements of Bach's Partitas for solo violin. Listen to it here!
nobuya sugawa

Nobuya Sugawa

We are honored to present Sax Magazine's Artist of the Month for May: Nobuya Sugawa, a true pioneer of the classical saxophone in Japan. Check out all the content we've put together with him.
derek brown saxo

Derek Brown

We are delighted to present Sax Magazine's Artist of the Month for April: Derek Brown, a phenomenon who accumulates more than 30 million views on YouTube, crossing genres from jazz to classical to funk.
Arno Bornkamp Bach

Dance — Bach by Arno Bornkamp

Arno Bornkamp shares with Sax Magazine a lot of exciting information about his latest album, including Bach music arranged for saxophone: Dance.
Arno Bornkamp

Arno Bornkamp

Our Featured Artist for March has written glorious pages in the recent history of the saxophone. Don't miss the interview he gave to Sax Magazine and the rest of the contents we will publish about him this month.

Claude Delangle

On this occasion, our featured artist is one of the great contemporary saxophonists, exponent of the French school. Since 1988, he has been in charge of the world's leading Saxophone studio at the Paris Conservatory. And thanks to him, composers such as Berio, Boulez, Takemitsu, or Piazzola have written for our instrument. Is Now Sax Magazine

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The Accessories You Need

As saxophonists, everyone needs mouthpieces, ligatures, and neck-straps. Check out D’Addario’s options!