Jared Sims: “In a Concert You Have One Chance to Play Things Right”

Today, we are speaking with Jared Sims, who does not settle for just combining all saxes, clarinet, and flute with teaching but has performed throughout the world and recorded dozens of recordings, in addition to video games and television, among others. Currently, he is Director of Jazz Studies at West Virginia University, USA.

Claude Delangle: “Music Is Not a Competition; It’s Just Life”

In today’s interview, we have the honor of speaking with Claude Delangle, one of the largest names in the saxophone world, who has contributed to the art as an international soloist (creating new repertoire in the process), a pedagogue for over 30 years in the Paris Conservatory or the European University of Saxophone in Gap, France, among other innumerable courses, festivals and masterclasses all over the world.

Tomás Jerez: “We Change When We Are Ready to Change, Not Before”

Today, we interview Tomás Jerez, a soloist and a Professor of Saxophone at the Conservatory of Castile-La Mancha in Albacete (Spain), and a member of the Folium Fugit Saxophone Quartet. This restless and engaging saxophonist is one of his country's most prominent of his time.

Jeff Coffin: “Through Imitation Comes Originality”

For this interview, we have with us, Jeff Coffin. This multi-talented saxophonist is one of the most acclaimed on the jazz scene. But he has not neglected his role as an educator, where he has always shown great commitment.

David Alonso: “I Live A Privileged Life Doing What I Love To Do”

In this interview, we speak with David Alonso (Guest Principal Saxophone of the Spanish National Orchestra, Professor of Saxophone at the Conservatory of Cáceres, and a member of the Folium Fugit Sax Quartet). A great person and, at the same time, a musician of the highest level.

Chris Madsen: “Published Music Method Books Can Be Helpful, but the Act of Transcribing Something That You Want to Learn Is Invaluable”

Today we have Chris Madsen, one of the most in-demand figures in the jazz world throughout Chicago. His labor as a player and composer would be incomplete without the facet of teaching, which he does at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Wisconsin—Parkside, after many years at Northwestern University. Here, he speaks to us about learning jazz from his particular focus.
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